[Podcast] How to have a successful crowdfunding campaign (in fact, one that raises 3,000% more than its target!)

After launching three successful crowdfunding campaigns in which the target goals totalled a measly $30,000, OrbitKey inventor Rex Kuo has a checklist of ten steps that will ensure your crowdfunding campaign is a success. His points include: Have a great story Have a compelling video Market your cam ..... Read More

[Podcast] Chemist Warehouse Founder Jack Gance on how he’s built a retail empire

        Chemist Warehouse founder Jack Gance is Australian retailing royalty, with a personal wealth of $319M. Listen in as he reveals how he (and other family members) have built the empire. “The average pharmacist hates us because we have effected the whole margin structure i ..... Read More

Trade Mission to India – From the Cradle to the Workforce, India’s thirst for education and training

The Indian market has immense potential and lots to offer SME’s and entrepreneurs in Australia. An ever growing and emerging middle class in India see parents prepared to invest in the very best of education for their children. They want a holistic and well-rounded approach to education including ..... Read More

How Bad Credit Affects Your Small Business & How You Can Fix it

Having a bad credit rating is like having cancer, and I know because I’ve had both.  They both threaten to destroy everything you hold dear, and it feels like both of them are out of your control. But that’s not true, and in the next few paragraphs, I’m going to explain exactly what it is &he ..... Read More