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Snap Shot of IR Penalty Rates Updates

Penalty Rates and Loadings On Thursday 23 February, 2017 the Fair Work Commission handed down its long awaited decision on penalty rates. The decision reduces the overtime payments to staff employed in the Hospitality, Retail, Fast-food and Pha ... Read More

Political and Economic Roundup for 2016

The objective of Political Parties is to be voted into office and to do meaningful things beyond the short term. Australia now needs longer term thinking as no one knows how far off a useful recovery is. Forces beyond our control are creating an unpr ... Read More

The Meaning of Chrismas

Christmas can mean a lot of things to different people. Australia is a multi-cultural society with people of different religions, race and cultures and these groups celebrate Christmas in different ways. My Christmas in 2016 will include a traditiona ... Read More

Getting the Most from the NBN Rollout

With the rollout of the nbn™ ramping up across Australia, your business might have recently connected to the nbn™ network – or might be about to connect soon. If this is your business, you need to make sure you are getting the most value out of ... Read More