The Effects Test

The Effects Test – A Positive Step In The Right Direction On 16 March, 2016, the Prime Minister announced that the government would introduce an effects test. Consumers, small business and economic productivity more generally will all benefit from this strengthening of competition laws. An eff ..... Read More

Secret Killers of Business Success

Secret Killers of Business Success Your business is being instantaneously judged online and offline!  It is common knowledge that ‘first impressions’ matter, and we make instantaneous judgements every day. Studies by Dr Les Parrot uncovered that it takes a lightning fast three seconds to regist ..... Read More


GREAT NEWS FOR SMALL BUSINESS In Australia there are approximateily 2.1 million small businesses (known as SMEs). These are made up of sole traders, partnerships and companies. The current definition of small business varies across the states but generally it is accepted the a micro business has 0-3 ..... Read More

Health & Well being

The importance of good health and well being Good mental and physical health is especially important when running your own business. As an entrepreneur or business owner your business or ventures will take you on a mental, physical and financial roller coaster. Being in good health both mentally and ..... Read More