Building a secure, efficient IT infrastructure 

  • April 20th, 2023 at 5:12 pm

Although the work Managed Service Providers (MSP) do may not be obvious from the outside view, the service they provide to their clients is crucial to ensure that the IT infrastructure and security networks of their client businesses are operating efficiently, both functionally and cost-wise.  

If you don’t employ an MSP, you might be wondering what the benefits are – well the benefits abound! MSPs are game changers in many businesses as they bridge the gaps in any IT environment. Especially for small businesses, employing in-house IT personnel can be very costly, but outsourcing the services not only saves costs but allows them to access highly qualified experts and the latest technology without having to spend extra time and money sourcing them. This includes cybersecurity services in which MSPs support their clients with to ensure their businesses are protected from data breaches and malware. 

What does this all mean? Because MSPs monitor business data and applications round-the-clock, more time is given back to the employees of the organisation. As MSPs are dedicated to managing the IT systems and maximising their uptime, employees spend less time firefighting IT issues and more time on projects that will drive more value for the business. 

What enables MSPs to perform their multiple IT services and meet client expectations is called RMM – “remote monitoring and management.” This essential piece of technology allows MSPs to streamline and automate routine maintenance and tasks including equipment/capacity monitoring, alerts on software and hardware failures, software patch management, etc. 

If you’re an MSP,  GoTo Resolve offers all the RMM and remote support features described above and more, and it integrates with your professional services automation software (PSA) so you can manage services smoothly and efficiently. Resolve helps your agents/employees and customers thrive, especially in today’s complex remote work environments.  

Our unified, secure IT support platform lets Managed Service Providers remotely monitor and manage clients’ IT assets to solve problems quickly and easily – without the hefty price tag and outdated interfaces of traditional RMM software. With setup that takes minutes, not days, GoTo Resolve can quickly help you exceed client expectations with tools to: 

  • Provide truly proactive support with features like smart, critical system alerts and customizable patch management. 
  • Offer multi-platform support to all devices including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks. 
  • Troubleshoot without interruption by capturing system diagnostics and running a live terminal – all behind the scenes. 
  • Complete fixes when it’s convenient for everyone using secure unattended remote support sessions. 
  • Extend support past the desktop with no-download camera sharing so agents can troubleshoot disconnected devices and hardware. 

Needless to say, GoTo Resolve’s secure IT infrastructure gives MSPs and their clients peace of mind. With advanced features like industry-leading zero trust security, GoTo Resolve protects against supply chain attacks using permission-based, end-to-end data encryption, government-approved 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). 

Ready to offer your clients more with GoTo Resolve? Get in touch with our MSP specialist, Gunnar Habitz, at or +61 2 9055 9814 to learn more about business/partnership opportunities with favourable pricing options. 

Not an MSP but curious if your MSP has the best tools to support your IT needs? No problem – allow us to get in touch with your IT service provider by referring them here. By nominating your MSP, you can enter a draw to win a $200 JB Hifi gift card (terms and conditions apply).

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