Business accounting made easy as SBAA seals new partnership with Retinue

  • March 21st, 2024 at 10:29 am

The Small Business Association of Australia has teamed up with Retinue Accounting in a new partnership set to benefit our members.

Retinue, one of Australia’s fastest growing accounting firms, offers small businesses a new approach to accounting and bookkeeping. With fixed monthly fees, a 24/7 support line and a proactive approach to accounting, Retinue is set to reshape how financial support is offered to small businesses.

“We believe in an accounting model that is proactive and forward-looking. No more hourly based-billing. Your accountant should be a trusted adviser who will be there when you need them, who understands your business and who has your up-to-date financials at their fingertips.

“Our subscription-based pricing means you enjoy certainty around costs and fees. You are also fully protected by our guarantee meaning there will be no nasty ATO surprises.

“As an entrepreneur, I know firsthand how small businesses are underserved by the traditional bookkeeper and accountant model – it can be expensive, slow and does not give the regular support a business owner needs to make better business decisions.

“That’s why at Retinue, we aim to simplify and streamline business admin; report regularly on business performance; and strengthen the financial foundations of our small business clients, so they can focus on what truly matters.”

Free Consultation for SBAA Members

Retinue is passionate about supporting small businesses build their financial foundations. To celebrate the new partnership, Retinue Accounting is offering free initial consultations to SBAA members interested in tax, bookkeeping and accounting support.