Cloud PBX: Affordable business phone system

  • September 28th, 2020 at 10:07 pm

Cloud PBX: An affordable business phone system

Small business now has affordable access to a phone system that’s packed with functionality. Just like the “cloud” migration of software applications and storage of documents and photos we’ve all become familiar with, business communications have moved to the cloud too.

With a cloud PBX there’s no large capital cost and ongoing maintenance required by an on premise phone system. Cloud PBX equipment is maintained by your phone company and hosted by them “in the cloud” at secure data centers which connect via the Internet to your phone at home or in the office.

A cloud PBX includes all the features you would expect in a business grade phone system and they scale effortlessly as your business grows, from 1 to 100s of phones at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining an on-site phone system.

With everyone now needing day-by-day flexibility to work from home or the office a cloud PBX is the perfect solution. One of the main cloud PBX benefits is mobility; you can easily relocate your desk phone from your office to home by unplugging it at the office and reconnecting it at home. Once relocated, the phone will continue to function as it did when it was in the office. You can answer incoming office calls and transfer calls to other office phones wherever they are located.

You can even extend your mobility by using a softphone. Softphones are a software phone that’s installed on your computer or an app downloaded to your mobile phone. The softphone can be configured with an extension number and connected to your cloud PBX enabling all of the functions of a physical desk phone. By connecting a softphone to your cloud PBX, employees can use their office phone number on their mobile phone or computer to make, receive and transfer calls just like they were at their desk.

A cloud PBX offers small business major savings and powers working from home, or anywhere. If you’re looking at ways to improve your communication systems, SBAA’s alliance partner “MOVOX” provides cloud-based voice, video, fax and messaging solutions to business and consumers throughout Australia. With expert guidance from MOVOX’s dedicated project team they’ll design a solution to uniquely meet your business needs, implemented seamlessly, on-time and on budget.

Through SBAA’s alliance with MOVOX, members can access exclusive offers on a range of products and services. To find out how the MOVOX Cloud PBX can benefit your business contact MOVOX’s SBAA account manager on 1800 100 800 or visit