Digital Champion – Painter 4000

  • June 18th, 2020 at 10:27 pm

New tools for old school tradies

Painter 4000 have relied on word-of-mouth for much of their business but have realised they need to improve their marketing in order to grow their customer base and reach digitally-savvy consumers.

“Attracting the right customer to our business is challenging because we haven’t had the advertising or the marketing and haven’t had a website in place,” Rachel says.

While their website is in development, Rachel and Andrew have looked at other online platforms to find customer leads such as Hipages, an online service directory, where they find jobs to quote on.

While this introduces potential new customers online, the business has to compete on price rather than service.

“Although we’re offering these great services and we have such a high-quality service to offer, finding our customer has been challenging,” Rachel says.

Clear Business goals + Good advice = Good digital marketing

Digital Mentor Justine Kyle Yao from Google advises small business about the importance of having a clear digital marketing strategy. Her advice is to think about what is important to you and your business as the first step when informing your marketing strategy.

“Uncover your business goals and translate them into marketing goals. When you know what your marketing goals are you can have that as your lighthouse, something that you’ll refer to all the time,” Justine says.

For Painter 4000, the goal is to increase profit and cash flow and increase their customer experience and satisfaction.

Businesses can use a marketing funnel model to start mapping out marketing goals. This provides four areas to focus on:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Driving influence and interest
  • Driving purchases or leads and sales, and lastly
  • Growing loyalty

Building brand awareness

Brand awareness is critical to maintaining cash flow and increasing profits; if no one knows your business exists, then you’ll never reach customers.

By being clear about their business goals Painter 4000 know they want to market themselves as a premium, high quality service. This will influence all their decisions about how their website looks, the tone of their communications and the places they advertise their business.

Driving purchases

Painter 4000 have chosen a refreshed logo as part of their transformation for use when their website launches. Clear and consistent images and content helps build brand awareness and creates a professional look for the business, giving customers confidence in your credibility.

A website helps customers find answers to their questions, lets them compare services and quotes and see your previous work and customer reviews. This can strongly influence a customer’s choice to go with your business.

Growing loyalty

By committing to their customer first, service led strategy, Painter 4000 already has many happy customers who eagerly refer their services. To capitalise on this, they can market to past customers, maintaining relationships and encouraging referrals.

They can request customer testimonials and online reviews, further growing brand awareness.

Find out more

Just like Painter 4000, your business can benefit from digital solutions.

Digital marketing agencies have the expertise to support small businesses navigate their marketing strategy. But it is essential to have a clear understanding of your business goals so you can communicate effectively with a digital agency who may be creating content and managing marketing.

From tradies to cafés to beauty services, online platforms are providing business across Australia to communicate and reach new customers and there are a lot of industry specific tools to help your small business. To find out more check out the ASBAS website to find a small business advisor in your area.

As part of the Digital Champions project Justine has recorded her top three mentor tips help small businesses get started on digital marketing strategy. Check out Justine’s top tips.