Digital Readiness Report – Hon. Mick de Brenni MP Speech

  • January 31st, 2020 at 10:29 pm

On the 22 January we attended the CCIQ Digital Readiness Report launch to learn how Queensland businesses use technology. It portrays rates of digital adoption, performance and limitations within Queensland’s private sector. You can download a copy be clicking here.

On the night we were inspired by Hon. Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Housing and Public Works , Minister for Digital Technology, Minister for Sport, speech on how the Queensland Government plans to embrace digital transformation and reform the way it does business.


I am delighted to be here today to accept the CCIQ Digital Readiness Survey Report on behalf of the Queensland Government.

The Report is developing a reputation as a useful tool in understanding the digital landscape in the Queensland private sector.

It tells a story of Queensland businesses embracing digital technology.

It confirms the majority of businesses in the state still remain optimistic about their digital future.

Your digital capabilities are playing a significant role in contributing to the ongoing growth of the Queensland economy.

The Mid Year Fiscal and Economic Review revealed the Palaszczuk Government’s economic plan is working.

Queensland businesses are creating more jobs in more industries,

and delivering infrastructure and services right across the state.

Since the Palaszczuk Government was elected,

  • more than 223,000 Queensland jobs have been created,
  • including 118,000 full time jobs.

That jobs growth has been achieved by government and industry working together. 

Ultimately though, CCIQ members make it happen.

I am a strong believer that we need to work together to keep up this great momentum.

Business is embracing the Digital Revolution

The Digital Readiness Report again shows that Queensland business is well on the way to embracing the digital revolution.

When you read it you’ll find that:

  • not only the digitisation of your businesses but the supply chain as well,
  •  rapid technological transformations that assist you serve your customers,
  • and access to high speed infrastructure that helps you get there.

It shows that 3 out of 4 businesses are now accessing high-speed internet connection through NBN,

and that half are doing cloud business as a result.

The report indicates a large percentage of businesses have a web presence and have embraced social media.

But they don’t know if it works. Those that know their analytics are smashing it.

Today, really understanding your online market is an entry level requirement.

The report also identifies that more businesses are covering data management and data security risks.

Learning to mine and utilise this data is also crucial to the long-term success of digital business.

What is Government’s doing?

Today, digital business is everyone’s business.

Government also needs to embrace digital transformation and reform the way it does business.

Governments around Australia have begun the transformation.

Services Australia and Service NSW are well advanced.

It is not simply tweaking the way government services are delivered, it is a fundamental re-orientation.

In Queenslandtoo, government needs to harness everything that technology and data has to offer for the benefit of Queenslanders.

I believe we now fully understand our strengths and limitations, which is why we are also pressing ahead with service transformation.

We are learning from companies like the airlines and successful tech and digital service companies.

They have been successful in not only embracing, but creating the digital revolution, with brands that establish a very personal relationship with their customers.

That’s good, but shouldn’t we actually be setting the standard?

Pushing the boundaries and opening up opportunity?

In September I announced the Palaszczuk Government will raise the bar on customer service.

I announced a new leadership role to help position Queensland as a frontrunner.

Today, I announce that the role of the Chief Customer and Digital Officer will be filled by Mr Chris Fechner.

Chris has been at the forefront of transforming the NSW Government’s business.

From early next month, Chris will play a leadership role in ensuring Queensland has:

  • assurance at every level of the government’s digital systems,
  • reduce duplication,
  • and that we invest in digital projects that meet the needs of Queenslanders.

He will lead a necessary cultural shift.

He will continue the re-engineering of Queensland Government services to foster a customer obsessive culture.

He will be charged with leading the implementation of the Palaszczuk Government’s vision:

  • to create a digital Government that is easy to deal with,
  • which is informed by the people it serves,
  • which is fit for the digital age,
  • is simpler, more tailored to Queenslanders and Queensland business,
  • with omni-channel delivery that is seamless and high quality.

The Queensland Government also has a fundamental role in a number of other respects.

Firstly, we’re investing in projects to bolster access and connectivity across the state.

So far, the Palaszczuk Government has unlocked thousands of kilometres of government-owned optical fibre to improve speeds in regional communities.

We’re working collaboratively with Telstra and regional authorities to improve high speed internet access for mobile devices.

And we have invested $15m in high speed undersea cable to the Sunshine Coast to improve international access.

It will be Australia’s fastest international data connection point to Asia.

Secondly, Queensland has an ICT skills shortage.

The report showed a 12% decline in optimism about technology usage.

Where can you get the skills and expertise you need for your digital business? 

With 20 per cent of the nation’s population, but just 13.5 per cent of its ICT workforce, Queensland is facing a digital technology skills shortage.

It’s forecast that Queensland’s demand for digital technology workers will grow to over 17,000 out to and 2024. 

These digital skills are essential to assist you with your digital business growth.

A pipeline of skilled digital technology workers will also be essential to underpin our state’s future growth and prosperity.

This is why I have been working closely with industry to develop an ICT Workforce Plan.

It follows broad consultation across Queensland.

The Plan will include practical initiatives that deliver an increased ICT workforce to address Queensland’s unmet demand.

ICT software and applications programming, operations and technical areas, such as cyber security, are expected to be key areas of demand.

The Plan aims to increase and sustain the pool of ICT talent available to Queensland employers servicing your digital needs.

I will be releasing the Plan in coming months.


I look forward to seeing the outcomes of your industry roundtables and policy recommendations to help Queenslanders grow jobs and prosperity into the future.

With the Government’s busy digital agenda, I’m keen to explore the findings of this year’s Digital Readiness Report.  It’s my homework for the next few days.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak this evening.

Speech provided the Office of the Hon. Mick de Brenni MP .