International Small Business Summit 2021

June 10, 2021 - June 11, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Seaworld Drive,
Main Beach, QLD
4217, Australia

The Small Business Association of Australia (SBAA) is proud to host its Bi Annual International Small Business Summit this year at Sea World Resort and Conference Centre, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia on Thursday, 10 and Friday, 11 June, 2021.



The coronavirus proved that our supply chains are broken, many small businesses destroyed and policy reform is seriously overdue. Post coronavirus will require the rebuilding of economies including small business and it will not be business as usual. Big, bold, new ideas are required to take us into the next decade and beyond.

The Summit is a two-day high-level event that will be attended by policy makers, academics, governments, international representatives, small and large businesses, and business organisations.

The Summit will concentrate on industrial relations, taxation, education and training, finance, technology, and trade.

Day 1 – Topics include finance, industrial relations, education & training, taxation and manufacturing.  Presenters will include different viewpoints from academia, government and business. Academics will be invited to submit papers relating on small business on the topics as listed for the summit.

Day 2 –  International Trade for small business and Women in Business will feature on Day 2.

Trade is brought by the Australian Government, Department of Trade & Foreign Affairs, the Japanese Government, the Japan Foundation and QUT. This will be followed by Karen Phillips ‘ Women in Business Australia’.

Academics will be asked to submit papers related to the summit topics.  At the end of the Summit, a communique will be issued followed by a report with recommendations to government.

The event will feature working breakfasts and luncheons on Thursday and Friday with a gala dinner and entertainment on Thursday evening plus a few surprises



There are periods throughout history when the world experiences an event so powerful that things do not remain the same. It becomes a time for new ideas and change. Such a time arrived with the coronavirus. The status quo cannot remain the same and it is now time for change. As a global economy, Australia and other nations can enter the Golden Age, but the Golden Age will only be achievable if there are serious reforms for small business.

The Summit is such an event where great minds and ideas will come together.

Whilst it will be important for all sectors of business large and small to play their role in the rebuilding of the Australian and global economies, small business is the key to any long-term sustainable recovery.


96-99.7% of all businesses in contemporary economies are small businesses meaning they make up the bulk of businesses – globally. As an example, between Australian and Japanese small businesses, they make up approximately 6.5million small businesses. They are the economy.

The purpose of the Summit is to lay the foundations for good policies including new ideas, best business practices and ease of doing business for small businesses particularly doing trade with global economies.

This Summit is set to become a mini APEC/ASEAN having the support of these important organisations and our global partners. It will set the scene and create opportunities for the small business sector domestically and globally. It will forge relationships and produce an environment whereby small business can compete and prosper.

Small businesses are also the most sensitive to changes and the first to suffer if weighed down with excessive bureaucracy, changing rules, draconian regulation, and unfair competition.

Governments and policy makers need to adopt a more sophisticated approach towards small business by providing an economic plan for small business. Such plans need to identify strategic priorities and create opportunities for global economic sustainability for Australian small businesses

MSMEs Australian Statistics

  • There are approximately 2.4 million actively trading small businesses in 2019.
  • 96% of businesses in Australia are small businesses.
  • 88% are micro employing 0-4 staff as per Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS);
  • Approximately 700,000 do not employ staff.
  • There are 868,248 employing businesses of all sizes. Of all employing businesses, 812,084 were considered small businesses with fewer than 20 employees.
  • Small business including owners make up more than half of Australia’s workforce engaging up to 7 million.
  • They produced 57% of Australia’s gross domestic value (GVD) which was generated by businesses between $100,000 and $50 million (NAB survey 2017).
  • Of the employing businesses, 70% or 608,733 employed between 1 and 4 people whilst only 0.5% or 3,915 employed more than 200 people.



The Pass 2-day admission, breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon teas/coffee on Thursday and Friday and gala dinner on Thursday, summit satchel, video of the event and souvenir magazine.

The individual rate does not apply to sponsors as they are allocated a certain number of passes relevant to their sponsorship level.



Summit – smart casual / business

Gala Dinner – Business suite for men and evening wear for ladies


Sea World Resort is offering delegates special rates that apply to them and their families. All accommodation is to be booked and paid for direct to Sea World. Dedicated booking link coming soon.


The SBAA is inviting Expressions of Interest in the areas of sponsorship, presenters and delegates.  Please email for more information