Free Tax Help for Small Businesses

  • September 26th, 2019 at 10:25 am

Industry partner Griffith University has received Federal Government funding to set up the Griffith Tax Clinic. The aim is to provide free tax advice/assistance to taxpayers and small businesses who currently don’t have a registered tax agent. Also, the Tax Clinic can provide free tax workshops/seminars to groups who want to know more about tax.

About The Griffith Tax Clinic

The Griffith Tax Clinic is a friendly, student-run clinic where people can receive free advice from Griffith University taxation students under the supervision of experienced tax practitioners. The Griffith Tax Clinic may be able to assist when someone:

  • needs some advice regarding a tax matter;
  • is running a small business and is uncertain how to comply with their tax obligations;
  • is uncertain of how to respond to a notice from the Australian Tax Office;
  • requires assistance with their tax affairs such as applying for remissions of penalties;
  • is dissatisfied with an assessment and want to know what their rights are;
  • have an on-going issue with the Australian Tax Office; or
  • need some assistance in understanding how to complete your taxation return.

The Griffith Tax Clinic is open to the public, as well as students and staff of Griffith. To be eligible to apply for assistance from the Tax Clinic potential clients must be:

  • unrepresented for tax (ie do no not have a tax agent currently representing them);
  • living in Australia; and
  • an individual or a small business.

If someone is experiencing any of the issues above, or wants to know if we can assist them on another matter not listed above, they can complete the Application Form which is available at

The Griffith Tax Clinic is located at Griffith University’s Logan campus (in Building L08 Room 1. 11) and operates on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

More information is available at,  or contact us via Email: or Phone: +61 7 338 21177

Provided by Dr Brett Freudenburg, Professor at Griffith Business School – Tax Law and SBAA Think Tank Committee Member.