Going Digital – WB Mobile Windscreens and Tinting

  • September 21st, 2020 at 11:20 pm

The owners Leanne and Steve, purchased the established business four years ago. The business has a strong customer network throughout Alice Springs, particularly with the local council and the Indigenous community, but Leanne and Steve need to make a number of changes to achieve their ultimate goal of a good work life balance for them and their staff.

Attracting new customers and managing inventory

One of the main goals of the digital transformation is to expand the business online to increase enquiries and ultimately, convert those enquires into customers.

Another goal is to improve the efficiency of the business by streamlining and automating the admin processes to reduce the amount of manual back-office work. The business has a large amount of ageing inventory such as windscreens and side glasses and inventory inherited from the previous business owner. Currently it is difficult for the business and the customers to find available stock. It is crucial to implement a system so the customers can find the products they need

Deloitte conducted a Digital Needs Assessment as part of the Small Business Digital Champions Project, and Leanne and Steve now have a plan forward.

Learnings from the Digital Needs Assessment

Leanne and Steve are focussing their efforts on these digital aspects:

  1. Maximising their visibility on search engines (i.e. Google).
  2. Showing a clear business value proposition to attract the right customer – that means, telling potential customers why WB Mobile Windscreens and Tinting and their products and services are the best for them.
  3. Transform their inventory management practices to a fit-for-purpose e-commerce solution and supporting hardware.
  4. Using e-commerce solutions to directly integrate into their back-office accounting packages.

Learnings for other small businesses

There are a few things your business could take away from Leanne and Steve’s story:

  • Your business website should be simple and accurate and clearly show your services and your brand.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customers. What do they need to know about your services or product offerings to make a decision to use your business over others?
  • A good website can improve visibility on search engines. Content that is descriptive – titles, service offerings and even images – will help search engines to understand your webpage and make sure it’s seen by the right person.
  • Don’t forget to also use web analytics to support top ranked searches on Google and track marketing success.
  • Consider your digital marketing strategy. How can your business use other digital channels, such eBay and social media to drive more sales and enquiries?
  • Use available tools to effectively manage your inventory. For example, an e-commerce solution can include barcoding stock and managing inventory tracking and movements to reduce manual, time-consuming tasks.

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