Harnessing knowledge for successful energy management

  • May 26th, 2022 at 3:48 pm

Businesses are currently experiencing increases in energy costs by up to a staggering 90% per annum. This relates to electricity, natural gas and LPG. The problem that business owners face is that most don’t know enough about the ever-changing energy market to leverage their position to make effective changes.

Energy is essential to business. It powers the essential infrastructure necessary to keep your enterprise operational. You can use a lot of energy in your operations, or you can use a lot less – through smart management and a little help.

What do Energy Consultants do?

Energy consultants can be an invaluable asset to your business and can help you achieve outcomes that will reduce your power consumption. Lower your energy bills while improving your status as a green business, all through a range of comprehensive services.

In a deregulated, commoditized market, it is easy to feel confused and anxious about which path to take. A trusted and independent adviser can be a priceless resource who empowers you to take control of your budget and optimize your energy spend. Moreover, a holistic energy procurement strategy can manage risk and volatility to set your business on a better path. An energy consultant can act as your partner, working hand in hand with your business to deliver the right outcomes for every scenario.

How do Energy Consultants work?

Certain Energy Consultants apply quantitative metrics and analysis of data with best practice energy solutions and innovation. A tailored strategy to meet a businesses’ specific requirements is then designed, considering both their current and future needs. Finally, they can assess the best commercial rates for a businesses’ energy needs, so that owners can keep their operations running to the highest of standards while making real improvements in power usage and costs.

A high-quality energy consultant will base their services around your businesses’ current and future needs, assessing your expected growth and scaling solutions to ensure your needs are met for years to come. Whether you operate a one small business site or a hundred larger ones, sustainable strategies provided by an energy consultant can give your business the competitive advantage that it needs to power up.

While your competitors are paying more for their energy costs, impacting their ability to grow, you can rest assured you are keeping your expenses low through a team of advisors that knows the industry inside and out.

What is currently impacting the energy market?

  • Increase in Coal prices hitting record levels particularly effecting NSW and QLD generation.
  • Covid impacts on supply chains.
  • Futures wholesale prices for electricity and gas consistently increasing.
  • VIC prices also now increasing due to Supply chain influence and outages in NSW and VIC coal generators, with a late March fire in Yallourn and AGL starting to reduce production at Liddell Power Station.
  • Gas prices continue to rise due to impact of high international prices and the power station outages.
  • APA Group announces an expansion of the South West gas pipeline which will give VIV more gas capacity from 2023, this should help with the forecast gas shortages.
  • If Winter is an average winter and all Coal generators are able to stay online, we could see prices easing.
  • The Federal election no doubt impacts the sentiment of energy costs, this has impacted negatively on prices.
  • VIC outages have been supplemented a little by Wind generation over the last few weeks which has helped the state.

(Source: www.asxenergy.com.au)

The outlook for Energy prices is uncertain, with the likelihood that a new Gas or Electricity contract will be higher than your current cost. Working together with us may minimize those cost increases to yield a much better outcome.

At Utilizer, we are about more than just getting you a cheaper bill, we are your partner, working hand-in-hand with your business to deliver the right outcomes for every scenario.

Identifying your energy profile and looking at ways to cut costs early is always better than too late. We are experienced at comprehensively analyzing data and can provide you with ideas and solutions to ease your energy spend, and/or to plan for the future efficiency of your energy usage. As champions of sustainability, we can help you achieve outcomes that will reduce your power consumption and your energy bills.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss any energy related matters, I am always happy to have a non-obligation chat.

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