Harvey Norman Technology for Business swings in behind International Small Business Summit

  • April 28th, 2021 at 11:44 am

Harvey Norman Technology for Business is the technology sponsor of the SBAA’s biannual International Small Business Summit at Sea World Resort and Conference Centre, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, on Thursday, 10 and Friday, 11 June 2021.

Rutland Smith, Director at Harvey Norman Technology for Business, says his business, a division of Harvey Norman®, is a unique operation within the 600-strong franchise group. “We don’t have a shop front, and we provide technology solutions to small and medium businesses”. 

“We work with Harvey Norman’s stores to provide tech solutions to some of their business customers where it is appropriate. These are usually IT solutions that go beyond the standard product requirements. These are solutions the stores don’t offer because their focus tends to be on consumers and the home.”

Number 1 technology issue for small businesses  

Data security is one of the major technology challenges confronting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), according to Rutland Smith. “There is a prevailing view that security is primarily the domain of bigger companies. The reality is that cybercriminals have worked out that smaller businesses are more vulnerable than larger companies. We work with customers to address the issue before they become another statistic.” 

These unlawful threats are substantial concerns for SMEs, and to this end, Harvey Norman Technology for Business is offering SMEs a free cybersecurity assessment. 

Selecting the right technology for an SME

Choosing and maximising the most suitable technology is another significant test for SMEs. “When an SME owner searches online for the right solution, there’s an overwhelming load of information with claims and counterclaims by providers. 

“The average small business owner isn’t a technologist, and it’s challenging for them to pick the right solution. And then to set up that solution in a way where they achieve the best possible result for the money they are spending.”

Rutland continues, “Our goal is to make SMEs successful, and we work very closely with our customers to understand their business and the environments where they work to ensure any technology solutions we recommend will work for their business.” 

“We’re also extremely fortunate that Harvey Norman is a collection of 600 small businesses, so we have great empathy and insight into what it’s like to run a small business.”

Rutland likens an SME’s technology partner to the role of an accountant. “Very few business owners complete their tax returns because it’s a complicated task,” he says. “By employing a tax expert, they recognise they can achieve a stronger return on investment than if they did it themselves. Therefore, everyone has an accountant.”

He continues, “Technology has perhaps become just as important to a small business as their accountant.”

“Nonetheless, many companies haven’t adapted to this shift. As a result, they’re not getting the returns they should be from their technology solutions because they’re not utilising a specialist.”

Supporting the International Summit 

Small and medium-sized businesses are the Australian economy’s engine room and critical customers for Harvey Norman Technology for Business. Therefore, Rutland is excited about meeting as many owners as possible at the International Small Business Summit. 

“I always look forward to standing alongside small business owners, I love hearing about their business, their challenges and gaining an insight into what’s happening in their world. We can utilise this information to provide the right technology solutions to assist them.”

Harvey Norman Technology for Business assists SMEs with their technology needs at any stage in the business lifecycle. “We can work with a startup when establishing a new space, whether it’s a shop or factory or with mature companies that need extra services or advice about their IT.”

Additionally, Harvey Norman Technology for Business delivers solutions to a wide range of industries: accounting, aged care, childcare and allied health to trades, construction, facility management, hair and beauty, professional services, manufacturing, retail, real estate, and much more. 

“We service businesses of all sizes, in every capital city and many regional centres,” Rutland advises. “We even have customers in very remote areas”. 

“Primarily, we generally provide all our services remotely, which is the benefit of the new environment post-COVID. But if there is a need for a physical presence on site, we have specialists we can call upon to conduct site visits.”

To find out more about Harvey Norman Technology for Business or for a free cybersecurity assessment call 1300 781 865 or visit www.harveynormanbusiness.com.au.

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