SBAA Think Tank

shutterstock_FC00017-minSmall Business Association of Australia (SBAA) established the first Think Tank in Australia specialising in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SBAA Think Tank will focus on research, education, policy and practice in the field of small to medium enterprises. We recognises and understand the importance of SMEs to creating jobs and growth in the private sector. Therefore SBAA is working with all key stakeholders to address issues concerning SMEs and advocating better economic policy for small business.


SBAA believes that for an economy to be successful, all key stakeholders must be inclusive of government policy and decisions. By not adopting this policy, it is a little like driving a 4 cylinder car on 1 cylinder. All these groups come from different political backgrounds and ideology however, SBAA understands that these groups will not agree on all matters nor should they. The objective is to work on certain policy that will have a positive outcome regardless of politics or ideology.

SBAA Federal key stakeholders include

  • Government of the day
  • Opposition
  • Other party representatives
  • ACTU
  • Big business
  • Small business
  • Ethnic business
  • Indigenous Business
  • Regulators
  • Banks
  • Other (Universities and other interested organisations or individuals)

The committee is currently working on the following, but not limited to in areas that will form its overall policy

  • Taxation- Simplified System and Payroll tax (state issue)
  • Industrial Relations and Employment (jobs creation)
  • Education – from the cradle to tertiary in Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing – high end
  • Finance for SME's and Investment
  • International Trade and Export
  • SME education
  • Ideas on reducing SME failure
  • Company Law
  • Bank/Insolvency/Administration etc.
  • Red Tape
  • Social Welfare and  Engagement
  • Health & Wellbeing of Business owners

Current Australian Projects

SMALL BUSINESS CHARTER OF AUSTRALIA - the SBAA will be launching the first Small Business Charter of Australia at The Summit in May, 2017. The goal and purpose of this venture is to give policy makers and future governments a blueprint for protecting one of the most important contributing sectors to the Australian economy, Small Business. SME's are drastically under protected in legislation and often bogged down in red tape; as well as being held back by inconsistencies in the laws. The Think Tank is working towards protecting rights, clearly identifying responsibilities and providing education to all stakeholders so everyone can work together to grow a stable and reliable economy.

Want to Join the SBAA Think Tank

The SBAA Think Tank has committees around Australia that meet to discuss aspects of the national economy including state and local issues.  To get involved and join the SBAA Think Tank you must have a current SBAA membership.  For more information and Think Tank locations please email or contact us.

FAQs About Think Tanks

What Is A Think Tank?

A Think Tank is an organization that is made up of a group of people who think of new ideas on a particular subject and/or who give advice about what should be done. A Think Tank can be a policy institute, research institute, etc. is an organization that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, military, technology, and culture. The Small Business Association of Australia Think Tank focus is on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

What Do Think Tanks Do?

shutterstock_FC00090-minThink Tanks are normally but not always national in focus. They evaluate current national policies, strategies and initiatives and provide resources for scholars to research and suggest alternatives. A good Think Tank will do the thinking and analysis that policy-makers do not have the time to do themselves. We believe that Think Tanks should be incubators for ideas with the best think-tanks grounded in the real lives of real people. They listen to the challenges of regular residents and community leaders – and are led by those voices. The best think-tanks take their skills and talents at crafting public policy and conducting research and use them to tackle the problems of real people. They go beyond their towers and their silos and bring the concerns and ideas of the community to their work. They look to local policy innovations to see what could be useful for other areas, either by replicating it or by drawing on its core principles. In practice, Think Tanks do far more than simply provide expert policy analysis. While disseminating scholarship through publications and events is a core Think Tank function, many have branched out to other activities geared toward influencing governments, other experts, and the general public. The Small Business Association of Australia Think Tank engages in additional activities that engage with and benefit the community through a variety of projects. If you would like to get involved or receive more information please contact us.