Save on Energy prices with this simple and easy tool

  • January 28th, 2020 at 10:26 pm

Small businesses are always under the pressure to stay afloat. With changes in consumer demand, government rules and seasonal hikes in prices; electricity bills also take prominence during this time. But don’t fret, help is available in the form of an easy to use comparison platform.

The new Econnex comparison service is changing the market by providing  Aussie businesses the option to compare electricity plans and deals online all while multi-tasking with your other work. The introduction of the Default Market Offer by the Federal Government on 1st July 2019 serves as a reference price for small business customers in NSW, QLD and SA to compare market offers online. This way customers can easily compare on Econnex and look at the difference in percentage from the reference price. Keep in mind to shop around for the best market offer suited to your business needs.

The comparison service helps you find the cheapest gas and electric deals from a panel of energy retailers and not compare “apples with oranges”. Being a business owner, you may be eligible to some significant savings when you enter your postcode and usage details on the platform.