Future-proof your business, and save time and money through automated parcel shipping

  • August 4th, 2021 at 8:24 pm

Losing time often leads to losing money for a small business owner, and the coronavirus pandemic has forced many to review their business processes in order to cut costs and maximise profits. With such a small margin of error for small businesses in the current economy, business owners simply do not have time to waste on menial tasks anymore. An easy fix for this can be found in digitising your businesses manual tasks, which is proven to increase productivity, improve customer service, and help grow your business.

Have you thought about automating parcel shipping?

If you sell products online, or your business ships parcels to customers, partners or suppliers, you know this can be a tedious, time-consuming, complicated and expensive job. Having to research different courier websites to find the best shipping prices and delivery times can be frustrating. And filling in manual details or having to go to the post office to ship a parcel takes precious time away from more important work. Using an online shipping platform can resolve these headaches, saving you time and money.

Here are four ways a shipping system can help your business.

1. Access multi-carrier options:

Choose a shipping platform that integrates multi-carrier options, so you can easily compare shipping rates, delivery times and choose what suits you. This can be particularly important if you conduct business in remote locations where not all carriers operate. Being able to compare delivery services so you can pick and choose the most time- and cost-effective service lets you continue to service all customers without increasing the cost of shipping unnecessarily.

2. Save time:

Managing orders and parcel shipping can be time consuming. However, solutions that integrate automation can help to reduce time and costs spent on managing shipping. Solutions that enable simple label printing and where you can connect online stores for automated order management can help reduce the time involved in finalising orders.

3. Manage costs:

Your customers are requesting more deliveries but that means increased costs. A pain point that eats away at profits is free shipping. In many ways, it’s a necessary evil. Study after study has shown that customers dislike paying for shipping. That doesn’t mean you should be left footing the bill. Set limits for free shipping. Include a minimum order amount to qualify or limit the offer to products that are profitable. Build the shipping costs into your offers and classify them as a cost of goods sold.

4. Ensure packages are being tracked:

The increase in traffic from online shopping and parcel shipping caused delays for many couriers. This emphasised the importance of parcel tracking information for both customers and businesses.

  • Tracking for customers: investing in solutions that offer tracking information is critical, so both customers and businesses have an idea of where items are at all times. Putting this information in the customers’ hands creates transparency so they can see that the parcel has been shipped. Without tracking information, you can be liable for lost or misplaced products, and at risk of losing customers for future sales if they think the delay is your fault.
  • Tracking for businesses: it’s essential to invest in solutions that provide package tracking information for a better customer experience and using solutions that let you track your spending as a business can also help to keep costs low.

Shipping technology for small businesses

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company that provides solutions in the areas of office mailing and shipping; ecommerce, presort services; and financing. We’ve been developing technology solutions for clients around the world for more than 100 years. We aim to deliver solutions that resolve key businesses challenges and to create technology that ultimately has an impact on your bottom line.

SendPro™ Online is our latest shipping technology, developed to simplify shipping and help our customers save time and money so they can focus on what matters most: growing their business.

SendPro Online is a simple parcel shipping platform, which provides discount rates with no minimum volume. You can compare pricing between different carriers, print shipping labels, and track packages from your computer, tablet or mobile. If you have an online store on eBay, Shopify or WooCommerce, you can also connect that to automate order management.

Share your feedback in our shipping survey

With 100 years of innovation underpinning our operations, Pitney Bowes is constantly looking for ways to improve the products and solutions we bring to market. That’s why we’re seeking feedback about your current and future shipping requirements. This will help ensure we are tailoring our solutions to match needs of small businesses in Australia. Fill out the quick survey here.

Test our latest technology and win

In addition, we are looking for organisations to test SendPro™ Online, our new shipping platform. We’re asking participants to use the platform to ship 3-5 packages (or more) and share their feedback. Beta trial participants receive a voucher valued at AUD $250 when they complete the program, a free 4×6 label printer & labels to keep after the trial period (valued at $399) and free access to SendPro Online. Email us today to find out more.