SBAA Feature Member: Nancy Evan Founder of Organic Rosehip Skincare

  • November 23rd, 2016 at 5:02 pm

Local Success Business Story 

It all started in 1993 when Nancy Evans young son developed an agonizingly itchy skin condition. Nancy knew she couldn’t just sit back and let her son suffer and it took her three years to develop first ever Organic Rosehip Cream in Australia. From humble beginnings mixing creams on her kitchen bench, her company Organic Rosehip Skincare now exports worldwide and can be found online.

Mrs Evans, the founder, nutritionist, aromatherapist and formulator of Organic Rosehip Skincare and member of the Small Business Association of Australia and is pleased to announce her new magnesium discovery which took over seven years to develop.

After using magnesium to relieve her own ailments, Nancy set to work to bring magnesium to the forefront of her skincare business because it is the king of minerals that everyone can benefit from. “Due to the lifestyle and diet lead by many, magnesium deficiency is very common” said Nancy. That is why Mrs Evans has created a magnesium product range that is unique against in the world. Transdermal therapy is the best way to absorb magnesium chloride into the body and is activated with her special blend of herbs and vitamin C.

Nancy has found great success and testimony with her magnesium product for relieving general pain, inflammation, cramps, muscle relaxer and fluid retention from the body. Magnesium has been backed up by many doctors and health care experts in its effectiveness. It is involved in about 300 biochemical processes in the body and is important for total body relaxation.

Organic Rosehip Skincare products are carefully crafted and formulated to deliver ultimate skin nutrition. Everything that is made is produced in small batches to ensure freshness and quality in all products delivered.

For more information about Nancy Evans and her fantastic range of products at Organic Rosehip Skincare please visit her website at

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