[Podcast] 5 Game-Changing Selling Tips To Close More Deals

  • May 24th, 2017 at 6:41 pm

[Podcast]  5 Game-Changing Selling Tips To Close More Deals With Sales Expert Nicholas Lynch

Does selling freak you out? Well, you’re not alone. It used to freak me out until I spoke with sales expert Nicholas Lynch of Nicholas Lynch Real Estate, who shares 5 keys to closing every sale. And boy oh boy, they’re not what I expected!

Now I actually met Nicholas through one of my son’s who’s best mates with his son. I also used Nicholas to sell a house for me about a year ago.

The guy is a sales machine. He loves everything about selling. So if you struggle with this part of your business (and many business owners and employees do), then you are absolutely going to love the 5 key selling tips he shares that all but guarantee you closing the sale each and every time.

You know one of Nicholas’s mantras is A.B.C. – Always Be Closing!

Here’s what caught my attention from chatting with Nicholas Lynch of Nicholas Lynch Real Estate:

  1. His doors analogy – This is such a great way to visualise the close. The key here is to identify what each door is in the closing process, then make sure you go through them in the order they were intended, closing each one as you go.
  2. Feel / Felt / Found – What a great way to bring prospects around to your way of thinking, by showing empathy. It’s also a simple structure for story-telling which we talk a lot about on this show.
  3. Have the right intention – Whilst I loved all of Nicholas’s 5 keys to nailing the sale, I particularly loved #2, which was all about having the right intention. I honour this one a lot when speaking from stage, recording this show, and pretty much any time I’m writing a proposal for a client.

But the marketing gold doesn’t stop there, in this episode you’ll also discover:

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