Tap into the Intrapreneurial Talent of Your Workforce

  • December 4th, 2018 at 7:36 pm

Intrapreneurs are the human face of innovation. These are the employees with an enterprising spirit who work inside a business or organisation to drive change and transformation. They are the dreamers who do, who translate creative ideas into innovative outcomes.

They exist at ALL levels of the organisation, not just at the top. Every workplace has them. But not every workplace values them, recognises them and nurtures them. In the war for talent, intrapreneurs will be the most in-demand employees. Intrapreneurialism is the new essential skillset for the workforce of our fast-moving, disruptive innovation age.

Want to find out how to liberate and harness the power of intrapreneurialism?

The inaugural Australian Intrapreneurs Summit being held at the Brisbane Convention Centre on the 14th of March 2019 is driving the movement in Australia. This gathering will celebrate and educate the intrapreneurs who make change happen in many different ways and in many different contexts.

It will provide:

  • Insights for people who lead intrapreneurs or aspiring intrapreneurs
  • Inspiration for those who identify as intrapreneurs and want to ramp up their impact
  • Innovative ways of tapping into the talent of intrapreneurs

This event is a ‘must-attend’ for organisations and businesses that are experiencing or seeking transformation and culture change.  Discover how this global movement will impact the future of your career, your team and your workplace.

Want to be a part of this exciting event?

Visit the website and register here http://www.drirenayashinshaw.com/australian-intrapreneurs-summit-2019

Written by Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw