Brad Delaney(Director and Chief Photographer for Bradkay Photographix)

Brad Delaney(Director and Chief Photographer for Bradkay Photographix)

Brad understands the importance of Personal Branding in the current Social Media Flooded Market.  Hebelieves that being Photogenic is teachable so he has developed a Headshot session for Corporates & SME’s that guarantees their look and the imagery that is created.

The level Method Headshot Shoot  has been devised as an easy to follow 3 step technique –

  • Level of Tilt for a Chiseled Jawline eliminating any chins – Do YOU want to look Confident, Healthy, know which is the stronger side of your face & which angle to be photographed from.
  • Level of Focus for that look that says I’m Interested in YOU – Do YOU want to look knowledgeable, approachable & focused so that when potential clients look at your Image they can feel that you are interested in helping them ?
  • Level of smile to match Your Profession, Your Personality & Your Face. – Do YOU want to look Trustworthy, Professional & Real for YOUR clients.

The Level Method Headshot Shoot steps you through these techniques in a fun relaxed manner, guaranteeing at the end of the shoot you will not only have the best Headshots you have ever had but you will also have the ability to look good anytime someone points a camera at you.

Brad has studied the World leading Headshot Photographers, their techniques, lighting & studio set ups and has been  delighting clients with his Images & Headshots for 30 Years.

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Mobile: 0416608825