Joanne Brooks

  • July 9th, 2024 at 2:51 pm

I’m Joanne, a dedicated Business Strategy Thought Leader. In 2016, I made the tough decision to liquidate my $30 million business due to external factors and an inner sense of unfulfillment.

Currently, I’m fully engaged at ZEL Services & Logistics Pty Ltd, applying 30 years of expertise. Simultaneously, I serve as an Elite 100 coach for BEEKonnected and operate Navig8Biz. I also collaborate with Ducere Global Business School to introduce innovative European MBA programs to the Australian market, written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Despite wearing multiple hats, my core purpose remains consistent: to make a meaningful difference, motivating my actions across all roles.

Navig8 Biz is where my mission unfolds, empowering entrepreneurs to shape their ideal futures. I specialize in working with female leaders, building their inner and outer confidence, and rekindling self-belief for future success.

My self-discovery journey began with the challenging business liquidation, revealing my disconnect from purpose and leading to poor decisions.

Over 40 years, I’ve broken through barriers in my career, overcoming gender bias, imposter syndrome, and doubts from others. Mentors played a pivotal role in my journey of self-re-discovery, reawakening my passion.

I’ve spent the last five years assisting leaders in navigating success, helping them lead confidently and be valued for their impact.

My ultimate goal is to cultivate inspirational leaders by reconnecting my mindset, heart, and gut.