Leigh Greig

  • August 28th, 2020 at 10:17 am

I’m a Human Resource Professional & Business Partner (CAHRI) with over 25 years’ experience.


I have held a number of Senior Management positions throughout my career and assisted businesses around Australia in industries including not-for-profit, aviation, legal, accountancy, road transport, construction, and public health.


Throughout my career much has changed in the HR world. Workplace relations legislation has evolved; technology has automated many administrative processes and HR language has changed. Regardless of how it is achieved, the purpose of HR remains the same – to support businesses by helping them build, maintain, and manage their workforce.


When Anne Nalder (Founder & CEO) of the Small Business Association of Australia (SBAA) gave me the opportunity to join SBAA’s Industrial Relations Think Tank, I jumped at it.


Industrial & employee relations and the legislative framework underpin human resource portfolios for businesses. Having seen this framework evolve over the years, it is clear that it is no longer fit for purpose, even without the complication of current global circumstances. Being part of an organisation such as the SBAA that is committed to small business in every way, is an opportunity to act on my longstanding personal and professional goal of having an impact at a grass-roots level.