Linda Shave(SBAA Think Tank Committee Member)

  • February 21st, 2018 at 3:37 pm

Linda is a futurist who has a fascination on how evolving technologies can be used in innovated ways and is also interested in improving the understanding of digital technology and its use in policy, education and engagement.

Linda is acknowledged as a thought leader and an architect of change in the small business and information management industries. Linda has provided business and government leaders with insights on new and evolving technology, communication and information initiatives. As a researcher, principal adviser, strategist, and chief policy analyst to government and senior executives Linda is committed to advancing knowledge and confidence in the areas of the internet of everything (IoE), fourth industrial revolution, wireless power, smart cities, smart industries, smart government, digital innovation, education and opportunity management.

Linda is on several boards and industry panels and has chaired, facilitated, organised and presented at numerous conferences and is the author of 5 books and numerous published articles, presentations and training materials. Linda is a dynamic and innovative leader with a strong background in designing, driving and managing digital modernisation programs. Her innovation, knowledge and expertise have been nationally and internationally recognised. Amongst her numerous industry awards is the prestigious international gold medal laureate for government innovation issued in Washington DC.