Manish Karkhanis

  • January 31st, 2020 at 9:06 pm

Manish Karkhanis is part of SBAA Intentional Trade Services Sector.  He supports and assists business owners through SBAA international trade services to enter the global market and grow their business internationally. Manish has the expertise as well as experience to assist Australian businesses that have unique products and services which have a global appeal.

  • Manish Karkhanis completed his Bachelor of Arts from Mumbai University, India.
  • Cabin Crew for a domestic airline for 6 years.
  • Brand Manager for an international clothing brand and set up flagship stores across India.
  • Core -Management Team, Head-Service Quality & Set-up operations for an International Airline across India
  • Moved to Australia in 2006 and completed MBA at the Southern Cross University in Tweed Heads
  • Formed Creative Communications Pty Ltd t/a Spatial Impacts an International Business Development Consultancy in 2009 in Tweed Heads.
  • Extensive 10 years’ experience in international trade, business development, product & project management in diverse industries.
  • Have managed international trade missions, government liaison, events and promotions across Asia, Middle East as well as Australia
  • Affiliated with Indian Merchants Chamber, Mumbai.
  • Member and Executive International Trade & Business Relations in Small Business Association of Australia and the honour of being on the Think Tank Committee.