Dr Peter Ellis

  • June 10th, 2019 at 8:04 pm

Dr Ellis educates and mentors business owners who know their product and clientele, but need assistance in understanding how to fundamentally change and develop the very structure of their business over a short time, in order that it can achieve and sustain profitable growth.

With over 30 years practical experience and highest academic levels of business research, Peter is accepted as an experienced business pilot to guide, assist and mentor owners through the ‘dangerous uncharted channels’ and ‘treacherous changing seas’ of the business world. Dr Ellis is often called in when everyone else gives up!

Many businesses flounder as they pass the limit of their owner’s business knowledge, the actual boundary beyond which they have never speculated, or even known that there was any speculation to be done. Indeed, as a business transcends from one size to another, it is necessary for management to learn completely different mind-sets in line with the growth of the business.

Academically, Peter has a Masters and two doctorates in business survival, where he can assist forms stay in business and survive. His knowledge enables business owners understand what they should do to keep their firm steady, or how to change its structure as it grows. A fundamental management truth, is that a business cannot grow once it passes the boundary of the owner’s understanding of how a business of that size works.

He also works with Non-Absolute Numerology (NANs). These are numbers that vary without notice during the course of business activities, such as marketing plans or cash-flows. Through his knowledge and experience, he is able to find practical means of bringing to life, subjective strategic plans, formed from forward looking ideas of future possibilities.

Specialties: Interim culture-management for mergers and acquisitions; turnaround management; manufacturing cost management; retail stock purchase and management; organisational structure management; succession planning for managers and documentation of processes and procedures for quality systems.


I am particularly interested in working through the SBAA to assist the government and world bodies understand and assist micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).  I know that having one set of rules for all the sizes has been the main reason for them failing. My 30 plus years practical experience, and an academic knowledge with a masters and two doctorates in business survival, can assist more firms to both stay in business and grow.

In addition, I am interested to work with the small business cyber safety as I have a software company that is working in that field.