Think Small Business First

  • February 27th, 2019 at 1:26 pm

On the 15th October, 2018, I had the great pleasure presenting the Small Business Charter of Australia to the Small Business Minister, Senator, the Hon Michaela Cash in Canberra, something my executive committee and I have been working on for a number of years.

Today there are approximately 2.2m actively trading small businesses that include micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).  96% of businesses in Australia are MSMEs with 88% being micro. Sadly, there is a decline in small business numbers due largely to the excessive Red Tape, a myriad of compliance and largely a lack of understanding of the requirements of a small business in order that it can grow, develop, employ staff on good wages and also make some money for themselves. Over the years, there has been layer upon layer of quick fix its that has created a situation whereby small business is finding it difficult to compete and difficult to survive.

Small business is not only the engine of the economy, It Is The Economy. Australia has never had a plan for small business which has been taken for granted. One of the major principles of the Charter is the Think Small Business First meaning that when policy makers commence the creation of policy, they have to follow a criteria including the question of how that policy will impact on a small business. Currently the majority of policies are one cap fits all. I am pleased to report that the Charter is currently being evaluated and I will update you when it is fully accepted.

Please lend your support in this important and urgently required reform.

You can write to me at or visit the SBAA website for more information.

Written by Small Business Association of Australia Founder and CEO Anne Nalder.