Trade Mission to India – From the Cradle to the Workforce, India’s thirst for education and training

  • September 13th, 2017 at 9:49 am

The Indian market has immense potential and lots to offer SME’s and entrepreneurs in Australia. An ever growing and emerging middle class in India see parents prepared to invest in the very best of education for their children. They want a holistic and well-rounded approach to education including health and well-being, sport, the arts, leadership, and practical training.

One million people are entering the labor force every month, India is swelling with the human potential that is hungry for knowledge, training and opportunity. There is high demand for businesses and training providers offering work ready programs and upskilling, educational products and services and the Indian government is willing to pay for it.

Anne Nalder, CEO and Founder of Small Business Association of Australia said, “Entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to develop or willing to adapt educational products and services to the Indian market, can reap the rewards the Indian market has to offer.  Capturing a tiny percentage of the market in one region could mean growth for Australian businesses and schools,” says Mrs Nalder.

“We are taking educators, schools and businesses in the education sector this November and giving them an opportunity to sell their services and products, or set up business in India, or invite Indian students to Australia,” says Mrs Nalder.

Schools, training providers and businesses are encouraged to contact Small Business Association of Australia to be a part of the 11th November 2017 Trade Mission.

For more information or to receive a delegates package please email or contact our office on1300 413 915.  ​


Media Release 13 Sept 17 – Trade Mission to India

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