Why small businesses need GoTo

  • July 26th, 2022 at 11:44 am

Small businesses need a break from complicated tools that make it harder to get work done. At GoTo, we get IT and that’s why we built a portfolio of tools specifically for growing businesses.

Founder and CEO of Small Business Association of Australia, Anne Nalder, is pleased to confirm a partnership with GoTo.

“A leading technology firm that will provide state-of-the art working solutions for our small business owners in Australia. Research shows having the right technology solutions is vital for the success of small business, resulting in more efficient time management and profits.”   

GoTo is thrilled to be the “Official Flexible Work Technology Partner of Small Business Association of Australia (SBAA)”.  We take this mantle seriously and here are our top five reasons why we believe entrepreneurs and business builders deserve easier, affordable technology.

1. Tech challenges keep piling up

At GoTo, we understand the obstacles small businesses face when trying to do it all with limited resources. Communicating and collaborating needs to work flawlessly or businesses risk losing customers. And tech support needs to be seamless and flexible when employees are working from anywhere.

Back in February 2022, we got together with the market researchers at Frost & Sullivan to uncover what small businesses have been up against lately – especially in light of the pandemic. Of the over 1000 small and midsize businesses Frost & Sullivan researchers surveyed:

  • Three-quarters said their IT workloads increased in the past year.
  • More than nine-tenths wanted to reduce the burdens on their IT people.
  • 95% of businesses have plans to consolidate in 2022.

These findings reinforced what we’ve learned: Small companies that are fortunate enough to have a dedicated IT team are also seriously at risk of overworking their IT people. Companies with no IT people may fall behind more tech-capable competitors.

2. Hybrid work is here to stay 

The pandemic started the hybrid work evolution but the world is continuously evolving and changing – from geo-political turmoil, inflation, the great resignation to climate crisis, forcing organisations to adapt rapidly for business continuity and survival.  Work is not going to return to what it was.

While hybrid work models can lead to improved productivity and work culture for more than three-quarters of the respondents to our Frost & Sullivan survey, it is also resulting in complexities, especially when 31% of challenges are attributed to software that isn’t always up to the job or necessarily the right fit. Video conferencing and IT helpdesk tools are the most popular applications for the survey’s respondents.

3. Increased IT Workload and Cost

Leaders are prioritising IT needs more than ever to ensure their businesses operate effectively, according to the Frost & Sullivan study. Senior leadership involvement in software purchasing is up 75% since the start of the pandemic. Over the last two years, demands have caused IT budgets to skyrocket. But these budget increases cannot continue, particularly for SMBs, especially at a time when analysts, economists, and investors around the world are predicting a market downturn in the not-too-distant future.

Two years after quickly adopting tools that made remote work possible, businesses are now evaluating service duplications and ways in which they can consolidate and optimise for cost efficiencies within their tech stack. Organisations are starting to see the value of IT tools that help to simplify the challenges that IT management teams face.

4. The Right Technology for SMB Success

While demand for a flexible work model is high, SMBs often struggle to find reliable remote IT and communication tools. This is where GoTo is uniquely placed to help IT teams.

GoTo is an all-in-one solution for essential connections, making Business Communications and IT support easy for small-to-medium sized businesses. We have two flagship products that make IT easy: 

  • With GoTo Resolve, we empower SMB IT teams to support their ‘flexible workers by merging our best-in-class, award-winning remote support & access solutions into one – and added additional unique ones to give more control and zero-trust security architecture. 
  • Through GoTo Connect, we provide businesses with a business communications solution that will connect their flexible workers with each other and their customers, to prioritise customer support and revenue generation. Built off the Business Phone System chosen by SMBs, GoTo Connect’s all new, unified experience maximises customer engagement digitally by combining multi-channel communications including web chat, Facebook and Instagram, with deeper analytics than any other product  to help businesses make data-driven decisions that impacts customer satisfaction – namely with its fit-for-purpose built SMB-specific Contact Centre solution

It all comes in one, powerful GoTo App for end-users, downloadable across desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile/cell phones. It can be accessed anywhere. The new GoTo Admin App gives SMBs one unified administration console to accomplish EVERYTHING they need to connect AND support their employees and customers – which no other company can offer. From building and changing dial plans; adding or removing users; accessing detailed analytics and reports; and to having the ability to add integrations between support and communications to make IT help desk support from the app seamless. And now, both of these products share a NEW, modern, intuitive user-experience to create efficiencies for IT and end-users like never before. 

5. Technology should be economical

In the era of software-as-a-service (SaaS) based in the cloud, smaller companies can fine-tune their systems to their precise needs, paying only for the technology they actually use. SaaS can yield savings for smaller enterprises while providing the scale required for rapid growth.

At GoTo, we combine business communication and IT support in a single application at a simple price for SMB affordability.  This is software built to help businesses optimise their tech stack to create efficiencies PLUS delivering cost savings… all while providing the simplest, most secure and most flexible experience for IT professionals and their end-users.

If you’re thinking about making the leap, please visit our website to find out more and get in contact with us. 

About GoTo:

GoTo’s flexible-work software — including GoTo Connect, GoTo Resolve, Rescue, Central, and more — is built for small and midsize business IT departments, but powerful enough for the enterprise. GoTo software is designed to support end-users’ unified communications & collaboration (UCC) and IT management & support needs, and nearly 800K customers contribute to the more than 1 billion people joining meetings, classes, and webinars through GoTo’s UCC products, and half a billion connections on the company’s remote access and support tools. By building its secure, easy-to-use software, GoTo is committed to ensuring the time at work is well spent so that time outside of work is better spent. With over 3,000 global employees and over $1 billion in annual revenue, the remote-centric company’s physical headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts, with additional offices and thousands of home offices in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and beyond.