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Small Business Association of Australia


Small businesses have equitable access to programs, services, technology, quality education, training and support to be successful in a global economy.


The Mission for SBAA is to improve the situation of small businesses in Australia by collaborating with members and engaging with government, industries and academia.

Our Story

This year the SBAA celebrates its 10th anniversary. We are extremely proud of what the SBAA has achieved in that time, but we know there is more to be done, so we continue the work of helping small business thrive as we start our second decade.

How did the SBAA Start?

The Small Business Association of Australia was born from a concern the founder, Anne Nalder, had regarding the failure rate of start-up businesses in Australia.

The numbers that alarmed Anne and compelled her to start the SBAA were that 30% of all Australian start-ups failed in the first year with 50% of the remaining businesses failing within 5 years.

The reason appeared to be a lack of real support particularly in times of adversity, where the sparse resources of a small business weren’t sufficient to see them through.

Furthermore, the longevity of the majority of Australian businesses was at the most 30 years. When compared Globally against other economies, Australian businesses just didn’t stack up.

It was felt that there were three key barriers stifling small businesses that were also significant contributors to this awful failure rate:
  • Unfriendly small business policies
  • Unnecessary and onerous Red tape
  • Small business owners lacking the commercial skills and knowledge to successfully start, run and grow their own small business
So, whilst on the one hand Small Business Owners could be trained and educated, on the other if policies were unfriendly, then any training would be futile. These three key barriers had to be addressed if more small businesses were to succeed.

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