Small Business Charter – Think Small Business First

Small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy. They are a key source of employment and a platform for business innovation.

Small businesses are also the most sensitive to changes and the first to suffer if weighed down with excessive bureaucracy, changing rules, draconian regulation and unfair competition.

Governments and policy makers need to adopt a more sophisticated approach towards small business by providing an economic plan for small business. Such plans need to identify strategic priorities and create opportunities for global economic sustainability for Australian small businesses.

Ten Pillars of Small Business

  • Pillar 1

    Corporate structures for small businesses of the future

  • Pillar 2

    Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation within small business

  • Pillar 3

    Industrial Relations for small business

  • Pillar 4

    Technology, Science, Communication, Intelligent Information Management, Cybersecurity, Privacy & Security, Digital Inclusion and Creativity

  • Pillar 5

    Help small business become economically viable and competitive in the global economy

  • Pillar 6

    Financing Small Business

  • Pillar 7

    The Tax System simplified for small business needs

  • Pillar 8

    The Legal system simplified for small business needs

  • Pillar 9

    Regulatory, Fiscal and Administrative Frameworks responsive to small business needs

  • Pillar 10

    International Trade, Industry and Manufacturing for small business

‘Building relationships that support, sustain and grow small business opportunities’

SBAA Think Tank Committee Members