• November 11th, 2017
  • 9:00 am
  • Jaipur, India

Trade Mission to India

Opportunities for Australian schools and businesses in the educational sector to sell their services, set up business in India, and invite Indian students to Australia.  SBAA is taking our first Trade delegation to India between 11 November, 2017 and 17 November, 2017 from Brisbane, Australia to Jaipur, India.  If you are interested in gaining new opportunities to expand your business and enter into new markets please read on…

India’s Thirst for Education and Training

An ever growing and emerging middle class in India see parents prepared to invest in the very best of education for their children.  This not only includes vocation basics such as english, maths and science, but music, sports, business, IT and the arts.

India recognises Australian schools as among the finest in the world offering students a well-rounded education and personal development.

There is also a high demand and government support for upskilling and training for Indian youth to prepare them for the workplace and provide new career paths in industry, business, tourism/hospitality, agriculture, health and IT.

Educational Providers Wanted

The November 2017 Trade Mission led by the Small Business Association of Australia to Jaipur India provides an opportunity for Australian businesses (small and large) in the education sector to meet with business owners on a B2B level in India for the purpose of conducting business and introducing India to an array of educators from Australia.

There will be representatives from the Indian government and other business groups to provide information and support in entering the market.

The theme of the first visit to India is education.

The categories sought include,

  • Kindergartens
  • Pre-school
  • Primary and Secondary school
  • Undergraduate & post-graduate education
  • Schools of Technical Training
  • Industry Colleges or TAFE
  • Apprenticeships
  • The Arts
  • Sports Academics and Training
  • Sciences and IT
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Teachers Training
  • Health and Alternative Medicine
  • Educational Products

Schools may include government and non-government, day and boarding schools. Industry Colleges and alternative training providers are most welcome.

The first mission will concentrate on education of which Australia is highly experienced to provide. Australian businesses will be able to either sell their services, set up business in India, also invite Indian students to Australia.

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Trade Missions for 2018

High demand industries

Express your interest;

  • Tourism
  • Agriculture (Post-harvest technologies – equipment  – grain silos)
  • Quality wines,fruits & fruit juices,chesses,pulses & cereals (organic becoming very popular)
  • Machinery and equipment (Mining and road building equipment)
  • Construction, building and project management
  • Real estate services for Australian properties
  • Jewelry (high quality precious and semi-precious stones, pearls,etc)

Not on the list but would like to open doors for your business in India, please contact us on 1300 413 915

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